Uncover beautiful skin through dermaplaning.

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Uncover Beautiful Skin Through DermaplaningMany of us have fine lines and wrinkles on our face along with some fine hairs, skin buildup and other issues with our skin that can lead to dry, dull skin. If you want your skin to look and feel smoother, revitalized and rejuvenated, then our team of experts in skincare can help. When you work with our experts at Ageless in the Triad Med Spa, we are able to deliver some beautiful results through many services, one of which is dermaplaning. If you have been looking for a way to freshen your skin while removing unwanted “peach fuzz,” then dermaplaning might just be for you.

Dermaplaning needs to be done by an experienced professional in order to be effective and safe, and that is just what you get when you come to our spa. Using a medical grade scalpel-like tool, our professionals gently scrape the surface of the skin. This removes not only the peach fuzz fine hairs (or “vellus hairs” as they are otherwise known), but also the top layer of your skin. Your face will feel extremely smooth when we are done along with numerous other benefits.

When we have completed your dermaplaning, there is no downtime or rest needed- only a quality sunscreen. Dermaplaning is like an advanced form of exfoliation and encourages the skin to create new and healthy skin cells. When we are done, then it is likely your face will appear more youthful, smoother, and more even. We would love to assist you with your dermaplaning needs in the Kernersville, North Carolina area. For more information, please contact us today.