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Patchology products trim down the time it takes to give your skin the best possible care and attention. Whether you are looking for daily essentials, special treatments, or an easy way to pack for your next vacation or business trip, you’ll find this line of products to deliver exceptional results. We are proud to offer the Patchology skincare products here at Ageless in the Triad Med Spa and provide the advice you need about product selection and use.

In the beginning, Patchology developed innovative patch technologies for use in the medical community. With this background, they found ways to create products that can deliver excellent results because they do more and work faster than other skincare products on the market. The added benefit is you can take just a few minutes to complete your beauty regime, leaving you more time at your Kernersville, North Carolina home for other things on your schedule.

There are several products in the Patchology line of skincare products to combat the effects of life, including moisturizers, cleansing products, and masks. Here are a few of the products we love from this innovative company:

  • Hydrating Lip Gels
  • Rejuvenating Eye Gels
  • No-Mess Mud Detox Sheet Masks
  • On the Fly Kit (Everything you need while on vacation!)
  • Combo Stack Sets for Specific Uses (after a party, De-PMS, protein pep, before bed, and more!)

If you have questions about any of the Patchology products or would like help choosing the right products or stack sets for your needs, don’t hesitate to let our friendly and knowledgeable staff assist you.