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The eyelashes are an important part of your facial aesthetic. They can make your eyes look bold, bright, and alert. If, however, they begin to look thin or fall off, you won’t have the bold look you desire and your overall look will take a hit. For this reason, many women choose to use mascara. But cosmetics like this are only temporary and don’t provide any real solution to the problem.

For the best eyelash-rejuvenation treatment, you should consider Latisse. As the only product approved by the FDA to help achieve full lashes, Latisse is the perfect option for anyone who wants to achieve thicker lashes. The results are longer lasting than the alternatives and look more natural. It is a safe treatment and is incredibly easy to use.

If your lashes are thinning, it’s time to stop using cosmetics that don’t last. Contact our office to learn more about Latisse and the potential results it can provide. Dr. Teresa Biggerstaff is an outstanding cosmetic surgeon who will address your questions and concerns clearly. She will help you understand the treatment and the benefits it can provide.