Don’t Be Afraid of Deep Tissue

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Deep tissue massage can be a term that scares people, especially if you are used to a relaxing Swedish massage.  However, the benefits can outweigh the worry about discomfort and lead to more relaxed muscles and greater mobility.

try a deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage is tailored for working problem areas like knots in the muscle fibers and scar tissue through heavier pressure. Long slow stokes are used to work through the fascia tissue and reach the less superficial muscles. This technique is effective for people who have tension and pain in the shoulders, neck and back due to repetitive motions in their work or recreational activities. Constant tension and knotting in the muscles can lead to pain, disruptions in sleep, fatigue and reduced blood flow to the affected areas.  

If you decide to try a deep tissue massage, be sure to communicate with your therapist throughout the session regarding your comfort level. A “warming up” of the muscles before moving to deeper pressure will ensure a better experience for you and can go a long way toward restoring elasticity to your muscles.