Why Tipping Matters

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It can sometimes be confusing to know when you should tip someone and when it is unnecessary. The concept of tipping at all can be surprising if you are visiting in the United States from a country where separate tipping is not the standard practice because the prices charged already include tips. However, here there are many professions in which tipping is common, and it constitutes a part of the service providers’ income that they depend on.

Why Tipping Matters

It can be further complicated when you consider that in some places, there will be different levels of employment where some depend on tips and others do not. For example, at a med spa, you might get services from a physician, massage therapist, or aesthetician. While you would not typically tip a physician, the others would appreciate it.

Although a tip is never required, a 20 percent tip is standard if you were pleased with the service. If you were given a gift certificate or purchased a deal through a discount site, a tip based on the original price is customary. Because your therapist is helping you gain relief and assist you with feeling and looking your best, it is nice to show him or her how much you appreciate them. That’s why we tip, and that’s how we say thanks. You do not need to calculate a tip amount on products that you have purchased to use at home.

There are also other spa etiquette factors to take into consideration, such as turning off your cell phone so that you can more easily relax during your spa services and not disturb others around you. Arriving on time for your appointment is also important. In fact, being a bit early is advisable if it is your first visit or if you would like to take advantage of other amenities before your treatment.

At Ageless in the Triad Med Spa, our highly trained staff will never pressure you for a gratuity, but we will graciously accept one that is given. Should you be getting services where a tip is not customary, your tip would be declined, so it is better to offer one than assume it isn’t expected. If for some reason you were not pleased with your med spa services and do not wish to tip, please do speak to someone. You should always feel free to speak up during your treatment if you want something different so that we can make an immediate adjustment to satisfy your expectations. We want you to always have the best possible experience when you visit us in Kernersville, North Carolina.