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Hair loss is a common occurrence that can happen anytime in one’s life. It can significantly alter your appearance and as a result cause you to feel insecure about the way you look, decreasing your confidence. If you’re suffering from the emotional effects of losing your hair, you can benefit from a cosmetic treatment known as hair restoration to prevent yourself from going bald.

Hair restoration is the perfect solution for those who want to improve the thickness and volume of their hair. As a result of the rejuvenated hair growth, the treatment can also help improve your self-confidence and how you feel about yourself. Your newly found confidence can affect every aspect of your life and improve it for the better.

At Ageless Triad, we perform hair-restoration treatments by combining platelet therapy with micro-needling to obtain the best results. As a skilled plastic surgeon with experience performing this procedure, Dr. Teresa Biggerstaff can help you achieve your desired results. Contact our office to learn more about this innovative treatment and to begin your journey to more hair today!